We are a small start-up in California that is building new kinds of solutions to period pain.

We believe in innovation, and we know that high-tech solutions can be a great way to help people on their periods feel better and more comfortable. That's why we use our patent pending technology to make our actively heated shorts.

We're here to serve the people who have periods with functional and sustainable solutions that are easy to use.


Our Story

The initial idea for Sundaze was born out of necessity. Both founders had struggled with period pain, and they were tired of sitting through long meetings on cold, uncomfortable chairs.

They wanted to create a period pain solution that was comfortable, sleek, and easy to use — something that could be worn all day long without causing any discomfort.


Our Mission

As we did more research, we discovered an overall lack of innovation in period care, and we wanted to do something to help.

We decided that our mission is to create efficient, stylish, and intelligent alternatives to traditional period care.

We hope to continue to create products that allow life to be more comfortable and enjoyable for those who menstruate.


Our Commitment to Social Impact

At Sundaze, we believe that menstrual health is a right, not a privilege.

Our mission extends beyond providing innovative pain relief solutions; it's about creating a positive social impact that resonates with every individual who experiences menstrual pain.

What we do:

  • Responsible manufacturing
  • Community engagement and education
  • Advocating for health equity
  • Aligning with the UN's sustainable development goals
Better periods for all
More tech forward solutions
No more discomfort


We love what we do.

We are committed to creating products ethically and sustainably, and we aim to bring you high quality products while avoiding unnecessary waste and overconsumption of resources.

Meet the founders

Julia and Jenny became friends at UCSD and later became business partners.


Julia Layton

UC San Diego Chemical engineering 2014

LATTC Fashion Design 2018


Jenny Pan

UC San Diego Bioengineering 2015